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Universidad privada y pública misma calidad. Declaraciones del rector UVM Villahermosa.

Hace poco me topé con un email de un ex compañero de universidad que decía que lo de “Mercadotecnia:

  1. Alexandre Dice,

    It sounded a litlte like you were also using the word free in the sense of liberty as well. The main concern I would have about the internet in that regard is that every opinion expressed on it has a great big link at the side saying follow me on twitter/facebook’. So people aren’t technically free to be read anywhere twitter and facebook are the means of distribution (unless in China) even most people with their own personal sites are found via central hub sites that we could virtually count on one hand. That trend is growing, not fading, and as it heads more in that direction it becomes increasingly attractive to the biggest businesses which want to exert some form of purchasing control over us. People are never really freely distributing their own material but instead relying on a central organisation which could easily turn into something less benevolent. If this central linking point was some sort of open-source project hosted by millions of servers then that would be free to an extent, but everyone being forced into membership of the same social network in order to stand a decent chance of being heard not so free.

  2. Yukiaki Dice,

    I would be terrible at prontoimg my work directly, other than a link on my page. Hopefully, if I ever do have something to sell, I’ll be able to do it indirectly by charm alone. El Guapo recently posted..

  3. Johannah Dice,

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  4. Fotini Dice,

    Obama’s 2008 campaign ctnaumicmoed to the younger generation via social networks so well that under-35 voters outnumbered over 65-voters, and while it would it be illogical to exclusively accredit Obama for this feat, it seems that

  5. Tracy Dice,

    The door Rick opened wasn’t a liantre; that is a walk-in cooler. Basically after a year for all of that perishable foods, especially meat, rotting, there is no getting the stink out.

  6. Dimas Dice,

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